Printed wristbands for a wide range of uses

Available in a huge range of styles and suitable for an incredible number of uses, printed wristbands are cheap and highly effective. Printed wristbands are an excellent way to communicate a message or information about a business or brand. A number of different materials are available from tyvek (paper) wristbands through to fabric and silicone. […]

Powerful product promotion with silicone wristbands

  One of the latest ways to promote your brand, product or services, silicone wristbands have become THE marketing tool of the last decade. So read here to find out how did this trend start and why have silicone wristbands and bracelets become so incredibly popular?   The American cyclist Lance Armstrong is generally accredited […]

Get your message across with silicone charity wristbands

There are thousands of charities based throughout the UK, all carrying out vital work to raise funds and awareness for a whole host of different causes. The charity fundraising market is hugely competitive and finding new and innovative ways to raise money is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly for smaller charities. A low-cost option for all […]

Imaginative ways to use silicone wristbands

Suitable for a whole host of different uses, the way you use silicone wristbands need only be limited by your imagination. Now a feature of everything from charity fundraising campaigns through to school trips and music festivals, silicone wristbands have become a must-have item for charities, businesses, schools, colleges and universities. So what makes silicone […]